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Hey Susan, I can do Wordpress:-)
“And Love working with Wordpress!”
Best Wordpress SEO plugin I've used
“Since working with Wordpress since 2009, I have implemented SEO various ways.  I'm old school: ...”
New Site Layout
“For those of you that have seen my previous IT/Web/Blog site, this is an entirely ...”
Computer Maintenance - Program & File Maintenance
Tech Podcast
“Stratford University - December 2010 Tech Talks December 25th”
The Best to All for the Coming Year
“ To me, this is a beautiful video and message.  Hope you like it too.”
The True Meaning of Christmas
“ I've always been a Peanuts fan.  I watch all the Peanuts holiday specials annually. I ...”
A Beautiful Christmas Anthem
Web 2.0...World Wide Web Upgrade?
“Heard of Web 2.o and never really got a handle on it?  Is it a ...”
Winter Greetings
“Well, Thanksgiving is over but it is not quite the Christmas season, at least for ...”
Vintage computer ads
“Blog site with GREAT stuff.  Had to post this one.  Partake and enjoy:-) 30 Old PC ...”
On the darker side...stealing one's identity:-(
“Another CIO article highlighting comments by Chris Roberts, founder of One World Labs. One sure can't ...”
And on the computer tech 'lighter side':-)
“I am an oldie but a goodie type of guy; love older cars, and especially ...”
Slideshow 'Snapshots' of Windows OS's
“Where they have been and where they are going...I found this slideshow from a recent ...”
This is right down...'my' alley
“I historically haven't been a fan of social media sites, partially because I am not ...”
Where have all the computers gone?
“SHAZAM!...Are computers destined to go the way of DOS and serial ports? Get the ...”
“This is a Chinese puzzle game.  Its included with later versions of Windows, but I ...”
Learn Computer Programs with...PICTURES!
“Pictures are worth a thousand words, right?  Well, here is a site that takes advantage ...”
“Found this too today and had to post.  Includes many tutorials on a variety of ...”
WinPlanet Tutorials
“Found this site today to get things rolling in the 'Tutorial & Learning' category.  Eventually ...”
IT World & Open Exchange
“Grab and watch some webcasts covering many aspects of IT, trends and news.   Free registration ...”
Computer & Accessories
“If you are in the market for computers and everything else in-between, check this ...”
Fun survey site - play often!
“I found this site recently and it is FUN!  Enjoy if you are so inclined:-) INSTANT ...”
Cloud Computing...?
“After reading this article, my interest peaked quite a bit.  Not only because this is ...”
Where is technology spending going?
“Here is a recent post from Information Week.  You will have to register to get ...”