Gary Benson Photography

I was referred to Gary from Acoustic Cadence.  Many thanks for the referral.  Gary tasked me to convert his site from a standard HTML site to a site that is mobile friendly, i.e., a ‘responsive’ website.  I made my pitch to change the site to a WordPress site where this could be done relatively easily.  Plus, the added bonus is the WordPress CMS is friendly enough for the owner to edit on an ongoing basis. Gary agreed to a WordPress site.  We had his domain transferred to GoDaddy and Gary got himself a hosting plan.  I installed WordPress and imported his galleries and set them up to work in WordPress.  Although I kept the site look close to what his former site looked like, I did some editing to give it a ‘new’ look.

CLIENT: Gary Benson Photography

YEAR: 2014

TOOLS: WordPress CMS, Quark Theme

ROLE: Webmaster/ Web Developer

LINK: Gary Benson Photography

NOTE: The picture displayed was taken by Gary of a fire station.  All the photography on the Acoustic Cadence site were also taken by Gary.  Be sure to check out his work on both his and the Acoustic Cadence website.


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