Best WordPress SEO plugin I’ve used

Since working with WordPress since 2009, I have implemented SEO various ways.  I’m old school:  I learned that you can over do some steps that can get you blacklisted.  I’m used to title, first paragraph, meta description and keywords as the top areas to concentrate.  Although these are still important and need to be done, there are other factors.  If you are like me, you get lazy now and then.  What is so great about WordPress is the tireless efforts people put into making themes and plugins for this CMS…and so many are not only free but they are great in their features and capabilities.

One such plugin that I am now using, having just installed it on this site, is WordPress SEO.  It is from Joost de Valk.  He does phenomenal work.  I have seen his work now for years and have listened to a podcast or 2 as well.

If you are looking for a an author that puts out fantastic products, check him out and be sure to sign up for his newsletter.


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